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Ready-made old chicken (1 chicken)

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Imported Dai chicken is packed and preserved according to strict standards of hygiene and food safety. Chicken whole chicken imported frozen still retains the part of chicken meat that is tough, fragrant and sweet, so it is often used for stewing, soup or porridge, helping users to preserve it longer. . Pre-made old chicken (1 chicken) quality used by many people. Most bought product in  Noodles - Vermicelli - Selling Multi - Mountain

  • Product type: Whole Chicken
  • Weight: 1,1-1.2kg
  • How to use: Return the chicken from the freezer to the freezer a few hours before cooking to allow the chicken to change temperature slowly , when the meat is completely thawed you can bring the chicken to cook delicious dishes.
  • Storage: Before placing in the refrigerator, meat must be washed to remove any dirt and bacteria that may have accumulated during the purchase processPut meat in a clean sealed container or bag to prevent the spread of bacteria and foul odors.
    It is recommended to store meat in the freezer at -18°C to 25°C and in the fridge at 1 – 4°C.
    The maximum storage time of chicken is 3 months at -12°C
    The meat should be used up after thawing, do not re-freeze. If the volume of meat is too large, divide it into separate portions for preservation

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