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Vietnam Deli Beef Springs 450gr

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Vietnam Deli Beef Roll 450gr distributed by AsianNoEki is a product made from quality ingredients such as lean beef and other spices . The product is safe, does not contain molasses and is considered a traditional dish of Vietnamese people, especially during Tet and spring.

Vietnam Deli Beef Noodles 450gr has delicious taste. Crispy and aromatic flavor of beef combined with the characteristic flavor of other spices. Users can use it on occasions or in daily meals. Vietnam Deli Beef Noodles 450gr is packed in convenient plant form, users can save processing time and still have delicious dishes for the whole family. When eating, you can dip it with a little fish sauce mixed with garlic and chili, which will make the dish more delicious and attractive.

The product is packaged for convenience in use and storage. Most bought products in category Processed foods

  • Product category: Pre-cooked food
  • Weight: 450g
  • Ingredient: Lean beef, lard, salt, sugar, corn starch, dill, fish sauce,…
  • How to use: for direct use or cooking
  • Storage: temperature from 0 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius. Currently, the way to preserve pork rolls is quite simple, if you don't eat all of it, you can pack it tightly. and keep it in the fridge for future use. With the delicious sausage product purchased at  Asianoeki  in Japan that has been vacuum pressed, if you don't use it all, you can take a food wrap to seal the cutter head and then store it in the refrigerator.
  • Brand: VietnamDeli (Vietnam)
  • Production:  Vietnam

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  • Hotline: 0929625222
  • General warehouse address: Fukuoka-ken, Kasuya-gun, Shingu-machi, Harugami 1720-2
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