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Nam Ngu fish sauce 10 degrees protein bottle 500ml

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Nam Ngu fish sauce brings to Vietnamese consumers delicious drops of fish sauce, the first choice of Vietnamese people. Nam Ngu fish sauce 10 degrees protein 500ml bottle with closed line with fresh anchovy ingredients creates a delicious, rich flavor, attractive color. Most purchased products in category Condiments
  • Product category: Fish sauce
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Ingredient: Anchovy fish sauce, salt water, sugar, flavor enhancer, acidity regulator, fish flavor Synthetic anise, stabilizer, food coloring, gardenia fruit extract, synthetic sweetener, preservative
  • Usage: Make dipping sauce or cooking seasoning
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight, cover tightly after use
  • Brand: Nam Ngu (Vietnam)
  • Production:  Vietnam

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