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Maggi soy sauce red cap 700ml

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With the typical delicious taste in each drop of bold soy sauce, leaving a delicate aftertaste for each dish. Concentrated Maggi Soy Sauce 700ml bottle with concentrated soy essence, using 100% natural fermentation technology to help retain the delicious taste of Maggi soy sauce

Type: Concentrated Soy Sauce
Volume: 700ml
Advantage: 3-MCPD free. Vegetarian and salty can be used
How to use: Direct use
Ingredient: Water, salt, natural fermented soybean extract 85g (soy - soya) , wheat - wheat, salt), sugar, flavor enhancer 621, synthetic color 150c, acidity regulator 260, stabilizer 415, preservative 202, flavor enhancer (631, 627), soy sauce flavor synthesis and potassium iodide.
Energy: 2.2kcal/4ml
Object: For adults and children over 3 years old with 2 - 3 servings portion/date
Allergy information: Not recommended for people allergic to product ingredients
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light direct sunlight. Close the lid tightly after use.
Brand: Maggi (Vietnam)
Made in: Vietnam