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Vinasoy Pure Soy Milk Fami Lot 6 Boxes x 200ml

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Soy milk adds protein, fiber and vitamins very good for health. Fami is a trademark of Vinasoy. Pure Vinasoy Famisoy milk 200ml has the ability to prevent stomach cancer, because fresh milk contains immunoglobulins. An important micronutrient increases resistance and restores stomach ulcers. Fami Soy Milk replenishes and helps strengthen the resistance, musculoskeletal system and beautify the skin. Produced by modern technology and rigorously tested to produce smooth, delicious drops of milk pure soybeans. Most Bought Products in category Milk - Dairy Products

  • Product type: soy milk with sugar
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Taste: Delicious, delicious
  • Ingredient: Fami soy milk is made from selected, pure soybeans combined with vitamins and minerals
  • How to use: Drink directly, better when cold
  • Storage: Keep dry, avoid sunlight
  • Brand: Fami
  • Production:  Vietnam

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